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Vaginal Bleeding After Pregnancy

This postpartum symptom is the heavy flow of blood and mucus, called lochia, that starts after delivery and continues for up to ten days. Light bleeding and spotting after pregnancy can continue until four to six weeks after delivery.

Whether or not you're in recovery from a C-section, your body is ridding itself of all the extra blood and tissue it needed to nourish your baby during pregnancy.

What you need to know about it: Lochia is just like your period — only heavier and much longer-lasting. It also has some components that you won't find in a basic menstrual period, like mucus and tissue from your uterus, mostly from where the placenta was attached (think chunkier). The heaviest of the bleeding will last for about three to ten days after labor and delivery and then it should taper off to lighter spotting after pregnancy. You'll see the difference in the color as this starts to happen, from red to pink, then brown, and finally to a yellowish white. Lochia should stop flowing around four to six weeks after delivery.

For the first six weeks, use disposable menstrual underwear with a built in pad. Don't ever use tampons, which can introduce bacteria into your still-recovering uterus and genital tract. Choose PantiePads and UndiePads, disposable panties with built-in super absorbent pad. Both are effective and convenient for heavy post natal bleeding. Wearing your favorites immediately after delivery (even if you could fit into them) might not be such a good idea, since stains from spotting after pregnancy will inevitably happen. Take it easy. Doing too much too soon can slow down the body's repair work and cause bleeding to start again, or to become heavy once it's started tapering off. If you see very large clots or experience very heavy flow — enough to soak through a maxi pad every hour — give your practitioner a call. Ditto if you notice a foul smell from the lochia (normal lochia smells like a normal period).

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in California selected PantiePads from all other menstrual products as their top choice for new mothers in the postpartum ward. PantiePads disposable panties are soft and pretty and made with a unique built-in pad that stays in place and combines maximum absorption with perfect comfort. Nurses found that other pads became saturated after as little as two hours and often left bedding stained. Patients complained about discomfort, odor and pads that slipped or bunched up. According to Nancy K. Owens, RN at the hospital, "PantiePads solve all these problems and provide an affordable and cost-effective alternative." PantiePads and UndiePads are also essential for your hospital bag with everything you think you'll need at the hospital and on your way home.
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For most women, menstruation begins in their early teens and continues into their mid or late fifties.

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Vaginal Bleeding After Pregnancy
This postpartum symptom is the heavy flow of blood and mucus, called lochia, that starts after delivery and continues for up to ten days.

Living With Sensitive Bladder
Sensitive bladder, or bladder irritation, is quite common and affects most women at some time during their lives.

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