UndiePads® and PantiePads® both feature a built-in menstrual pad designed for maximum absorbency and ultimate comfort. The uniquely shaped pad is sewn right into the panties, stays in place, day or night, without bunching or shifting. The difference is in the fabric. UndiePads are made of a lightweight fabric that's enhanced with Spandex to hug the body and provide gentle control and shaping. PantiePads’ fabric is cool, breathable and lightweight. Both are so comfortable, you'll almost forget you're wearing them.


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12 Hour Leak Proof Protection
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Best invention ever! I'm very active in sports and always have a problem with pads that keep unsticking. These period panties have never let me down and the pad always stays in place. They stayed leak-free during workouts, during yoga, and I felt dry and comfortable during my 8 hour work shift. Cynthia P,
I'm tired of ruining my nice underwear while on my period so I decided to try these. I was surprises at how well they work. Never going back to using other brands of menstrual pad or tampon Shanice R,
My daughter just started her period and I decided to buy her a pair to see how she likes it. She ended up telling all her girlfriends about her period panties because of how great these are. She even keeps a pair in her backpack for those unexpected (surprise) days Jasmine D,
I tried other brands of period panties but didn't like the fact that I had to wash the blood out every time. These don't need washing, leak-proof and extremely convenient. Tasha P,
My friend suggested them when I experienced heavy bleeding after childbirth. The longer pad inside the underwear provided excellent protection and was also comfortable while lying down. And now a year later I still wear them at the start of my menstrual cycle when menstruation is heaviest. Christina J,
Pantie Pads

Period Panties Make Life Easier- by Sierra Ortiz(Health and Beauty Editor)

These period proof panties will actually make you want to get out of the house and do something exciting. This Period underwear original design and concept keeps you feeling dry without any leaks or stains. I know lots of you ladies can relate that being on your period is quite unpleasant. I can promise you that these are the best panties for period, and our period proof underwear really do make life much easier.

These aren't just women's period protection panties, they are also great as teen period panties, because period panties for girls is a must these days. The reason to choose menstrual period underwear, I know this is because I have two daughters and I bought these leak proof period panties when they were both beginning high school and started to menstruate at a very hectic time of their life. For all you moms out there, I recommend you help yourselves and your daughters, and buy period panties online or at a nearby store. I wish I had these menstrual panties when I was a girl and involved in sports and field trips where I could've felt more confident and comfortable, and not as worried about leaking through. My daughters on the other hand are having it much easier with their leak proof period panties. They wear menstrual underwear when needed, keep a pair in the backpack or locker, and are never worried about unexpected surprises. It honestly feels terrific not having to worry or having to wash stains out of your underwear.

PantiePads and UndiePads, women’s underwear for period are extremely comfortable, and provide us with confidence and peace of mind during that special time of the month. These menstrual underwear are breathable, hypoallergenic and biodegradable, the extra long super absorbent pad is sewn into the best period panties and stays in place without shifting or bunching up. There's no reason not to try leak proof period panties and find out why so many are naming this brand as the Best period panties. These period underwear are a godsend for us women, and as far as period panties for girls, well it’s about time. Teen period panties will actually make your daughter happy and less stressed while she's struggling during that time of the month. There are many different Teen period underwear brands available, but these are the only women's period protection panties that me and my daughters can truly count on.

If you’re searching for period proof underwear then look no further, because underwear for period by PantiePads is the number one choice of women worldwide. You can buy period panty online either on Amazon, company website, or other online stores. Named as one of Best period underwear on the market today, by Cosmopolitan, Allure, Parents, Vogue, and other reputable magazines.

Period Panties a Safe and Reliable Option for Women:

Period panties appear to be "normal" women's underwear at first look. It is intended to be used during the menstrual cycle as a more hygienic and pleasant substitute for sanitary pads, tampons, and other period products. The best period underwear features a built-in pad that absorbs blood. As a result, period panties become a versatile undergarment with several benefits for the menstrual cycle.

Enhanced level of comfort when wearing

Because of the built-in pad, the period panty is comfortable and feels secure when worn, without shifting or bunching. The absorbent part is extra long, providing protection from side to side and back to front.

Secure fit

When picking period panties you must make sure the size is correct in order to have a good and comfortable fit. They can not be too loose to too tight, in order to be comfortable.

Super absorbent

The unique pad that is fully attached to the crotch area of the panties is designed to absorb 4 x more then a regular menstrual pad or tampon. It offers long-lasting protection throughout the day or for wear during nighttime.


Disposable Underwear for period is extremely convenient due to the fact that they are disposable and don’t need washing. Other underwear for period require washing the blood our after each use, which makes it somewhat of a mess. Disposable period panty is effective, reliable and convenient. Just wear and toss away, it’s that easy.

Designed for long-lasting protection

Heavy blood flow occurs often, especially during the first few hours of the menstrual cycle and at night. PantiePads and UndiePads feature a unique built-in pad that provides leak-proof long lasting protection for up to 12 hours. Hence, no need to constantly run to the restroom to check or change.

Leak proof underwear for periods absorb 4 x more, when compared to a traditional sanitary napkin, tampon, or a menstruation cup. The menstrual panty is designed with an in-built extra long super absorbent pad that protects from side to side and back to front, without the worry of leaks and stains. The pad always stays in place without shifting or bunching.

No Smell

Period panties for girls has a safe ingredients in the absorbent fabrics that eliminates and prevents odor that usually accompany menstruation. This guarantees the feeling of confidence during your menstrual cycle. High-quality period panties only come with safe ingredients without ever using any chemicals that may be harmful to the wearer.

Period panties for teens are designed in a way to absorb menstrual blood without the need for an additional insert.

The absorbent pad has a cotton top layer that is securely embedded in the crotch area. Blood usually gets absorbed by the pad leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. Teens have a hard time usually when they begin the change of experiencing menstruation, so having period panties for teens that ensure peace of mind is extremely important.

Underwear for menstruation should ideally fit snugly against the body. When making a purchasing, always make sure to get the correct size, as having the panty too loose or too tight will not make you feel comfortable.

The menstrual brief is ideal during that special time of the month, to ensure an easy and manageable menstrual cycle.


Period panties are considered to be quite safe and hygienic provided they are worn properly and fit well. Normally each pair can be worn for up to 12 hours. The duration dependent upon the strength of the menstrual cycle and the absorbency and quality of the underwear. Disposable menstrual underwear should be changed after ten to twelve hours for hygienic reasons. For severe bleeding, the majority of manufacturers advise changing after six hours.

Fabric used for period panties

The fabric is one of the most crucial aspects to take into account while selecting period underwear. In terms of regulating menstrual flow and providing comfort, not all textiles are made equally.

Period underwear is composed of a variety of materials. Bamboo, cotton, hemp, wool, merino, or synthetic fibres are the most popular materials for textiles.

Always make sure to pick a safe and convenient period underwear. Cotton is a common material for period underwear as it is airy and natural. It can absorb moisture and wick it away from the body while remaining soft and pleasant against the skin. Although cotton is a fantastic material for people who sweat a lot or have allergies, it’s not the best option when you have to wash the underwear or try to get the bloody stains out.

Microfiber cloth is renowned for having outstanding absorption power. Its large capacity to store fluids makes it a pretty good option for period panties. The fit and comfort of the underwear are further enhanced by the microfiber's silky feel. Although all of these materials are pretty good and comfortable, one of the best, safest and convenient options is disposable period panties. It is recommended by doctors and many other medical professionals. The material is breathable, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. There is no need to wash them as each pair is only worn once and then conveniently disposed of in a provided sealable disposal bag. The period panties offer all-in one, comfort, convenience, and superior period proof, leak proof protection.

When investing in period underwear for women, or period panties for teens or tweens, always keep in mind that’s it’s important to choose a product that makes you feel confident during your period. Long lasting protection is extremely important, as well as wearing something that’s is safe and comfortable. The convenience of not having to deals with washing bloody underwear is another plus when purchasing disposable menstrual briefs.

Choose a product that’s right for you, and invest in a product that makes your menstrual cycle and easy and manageable time of the month.

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Period panties provide more comfort, less worry. Revolutionary period panties come with a built-in pad that absorbs up to 12 hr. Just wear and toss away. It’s that easy!

The best period panties on the market include PantiePads and UndiePads. These period panties come in a pack of 3, 12, 24, and each pair comes with a sealable disposal bag. This period panty brand is also really affordable.


Of all the different options available to us today, Pantiepads is probably the best period panties brand out there. The sizes start from XS and go up to XXL, meaning that they cater to most body types. These period panties for teens come in sets of 3, 12 and 24. The unique period panties for girls are designed such that they offer all in one convenience. The panty is disposable, comes with a built-in pad, and provides long lasting menstrual protection. Teens and tweens like the convenience of these reliable menstrual underwear, as it allows them to feel safe, dry and comfortable. Unlike other period panties for teens, PantiePads are not just back up underwear. Disposable PantiePads period panties do not need to be washed, so there’s less messy laundry to deal with or having to worry about stained underwear. Also, because of the absorbency of the panty, there’s no need for additional protection product such as a pad, tampon or a cup.


The best period panties available on the market are probably PantiePads and UndiePads. Unlike the products that are often marketed as ‘period panties’ PantiePads actually come with an inbuilt pad designed especially for menstruation. These leak proof period panties absorb the blood and allow you to feel dry and comfort during your menstrual cycle. This product comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL which makes them ideal period panties for teens, tweens and adults. Using leak proof period panties by PantiePads means that you do not need to use additional products such as pads or tampons.


Period panties for girls and women by PantiePads is one of the most popular underwear brands at present. This brand is highly recommended by medical professionals as one of safest and effective products for menstrual protection. The leak-proof period panties are not just supporting undergarments. These period panties for women and girls were specifically designed to provide you with comfort and security during your periods. The leak proof period panties do not require the use of tampons or pads and come in a wide range of sizes.


Technically, period panties can be changed as often as the wearer likes. PantiePads and UndiePads are recognized as one of the best period panties because they offer up to twelve-hour leakage protection. So it is safe to say that changing your panty once every 8-12 hours (depending on your flow) is recommended to keep you feeling dry and protected. The leak proof period panties come with a built in pads. The pad stays in place without shifting or sliding, hence preventing leaks and stains. They are for one-time use and there’s no need for washing soiled undies. Wearing PantiePads is easy and convenient, just wear and toss away after use.


The safest and best brand of menstrual underwear currently available on the market is probably PantiePads. They are made of breathable material, and the pad inside comes with a cotton top sheet, which makes them safe to wear. Unlike tampons, there’s no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome or worry of any infection. These disposable period underwear are recommended by many medical professionals, and are named as One Of Best period underwear by Cosmopolitan, Health, and Parents magazine. The leak proof underwear is designed such that you can simply toss them away after a single use. These period panties offer up to 12-hour leakage protection ensuring that there are no stains even after a long day. Since they require no washing and are use & toss away, these period panties are one of the safest and best option.


Most period panties and teen period underwear are basically supporting gears for the pads and tampons. Therefore, for very heavy flow they are not the ideal choice. However PantiePads and UndiePads design their products such that they come with a super absorbent built in pad, providing long lasting protection. Because of this feature, there is no additional product needed as this is an all-in-one protection. The panty absorbs 3 times more then any sanitary pad, tampon or cup, making them the best period underwear available today. The pad is extra-long and protects from side to side and back to front. This makes these period proof underwear capable of handling very heavy flow and keep you feeling dry and confident


The best period underwear available to people with periods is probably PantiePads and UndiePads. Both provide same protection with the difference being in the material of the panty itself. Both are leak proof period underwear that come with a super absorbent extra-long built in pad. The sizes range from XS to XXL making them ideal tween/teen period underwear as well as for women. These panties offer a 12-hour leakage protection and the pad remains fixed, reducing the chances of staining. Since they are meant for only one-time use, you do not need to wash or clean them after each use. This menstruation panty is reliable and keeps the wearer dry, comfortable and protected even during activities such as running, dancing, biking or hiking.


Today’s market offers a variety of products that are being marketed as menstrual underwear. Though most of these products provide an added security during your periods, only Pantiepads design their panties such that they are leak proof period underwear with a 12 hour leakage protection. These period panties come with an inbuilt super absorbent pads making other menstrual accessories like tampons and cups redundant. Since they come in a wide range of different sizes, they are ideal teen period underwear as well.


Technically, the best underwear for menstruation offer up to twelve-hour leakage protection. So it is safe to say that changing your panties at least once every 10-12 hours is recommended. The disposable leak proof underwear for periods come with built in pads, and do not require washing. They are for one-time use, and just like your pads, you just dispose of your underwear for periods after each use.


Leak proof period underwear by Pantiepads come with a super absorbent extra-large built in pad. Unlike other menstrual underwear that require to be changed at least 2-4 times a day, these disposable period panty provide a twelve hour leakage protection. In addition to being period protection underwear, this panty also incorporated an anti-odor technology which keeps you fresh all throughout the day or night. These undergarments are convenient and effective, making them ideal for menstruating women and perfect teen period underwear.


Period underwears are basically the perfect replacement to menstrual products like pads, cups and tampons. They are worn the same way as regular underwear, but with a big plus. The underwear for menstruation designed by PantiePads is actually disposable and come with a super absorbent extra long built-in pad, which remains fixed in place without shifting or sliding. This reduces the chances of staining or leaking through. These leak proof underwear for periods are easy to use, and provide the wearer with the feeling of being fresh, dry and confident. PantiePads period panties come in a wide range of sizes and is affordable, making them one of the best period underwear.

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