"These are so great! I wore them at night for about 10 hours and I felt dry and comfortable. They really do absorb a lot. I love the feeling of freedom while turning from side to side, knowing that I won't leak onto my sheets."
San Diego, CA
"I really hadn't given much thought to disposable menstrual underwear until I accidentally found your site. I initially ordered one box of 3, to "give it a try". Now, I'm hooked and just ordered several more boxes. I'm so happy to have discovered Undiepads! I cannot recommend it enough...so many women are suffering using conventional pads, sticky wings or tampons (like I was) and these finally offers a solution that is both, comfortable and effective. I love your product and will certainly pass on your website to my friends."
Jill S.
Philadelphia, PA
"I never thought I could be so comfortable while on my period. Pantiepads are amazing! I love not having to worry about leakage, my pad unsticking or bunching up. Thank you so much for this product. You have a lifelong customer in me."
Jessica P.
Denver, CO
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! As a woman I often feel like the options I get to pick from to get me through that special time of the month, are all designed by men. I have finally found the product that feels like it was designed for me. I used to have to double-up, using a super-plus tampon and the maxi-est maxi pad I could find, and even then I was going to the bathroom every hour to change. Since I've started using PantiePads, I no longer have accidental spills, the fiddling to get everything in the right place, the uncomfortable nights and ruined sheets and clothing. So many times the products I have trusted in the past have let me down. No more! PantiePads is a great product and a refreshing change. My first 3 days are the heaviest and cause me the most problems. Waking up in the middle of the night several times is not my idea of a good night sleep. After a friend suggested I try period panties, I found it to be everything she said and more. They feel like my regular panties and give me the protection that I need. I am so glad I found this product. Not only does this work for me but also for my young teenage daughter. I wish this had been available years ago. I can't wait to tell everyone willing to listen about how they should make the switch! I will be a longtime user, and lifelong advocate. Thank you again!"
Sandy B.
Los Angeles, CA
"I want to thank your company for bringing this fabulous product to the market. I bought it for my 16 year old daughter, who is a professional ballroom dancer. The first few days of her period are usually very strong and she's always uncomfortable dancing on her heaviest days. We tried other brands of period panties but my daughter hated the fact that she needed to wash bloody underwear after each use. These period underwear are the best! They don't leak and you throw them away after use. The pad is extra long and it is sewn completely into the underwear, which makes it stay without shifting. Also, the pad is super absorbent and the underwear looks like real underwear, so my daughter doesn't feel embarrassed wearing them. You have definitely solved a problem for my active teenager. Thanks so much!"
Marlene K.
Thousand Oaks, CA
"I work as a nurse at a hospital. My job keeps me extremely busy running around from one patient to another, from one emergency to the next. The last thing I want to do is keep checking and changing my pad. I bought pantiepads and I was pleasantly surprised. They feel like my regular panties and the pad is exactly how the box describes it - super absorbent. I actually put them on in the morning and don't even have to think about it all day long until I get home after my shift. What a great product! I would definitely recommend it."
Tanya T.
Dallas, TX
"I am a very active 67 year old, and your pantiepads are a huge bonus for me as I consistently wear a pad due to urinary urgency and this product is wonderful for hiking, traveling, camping etc. It is so helpful not to have to plan for all the necessary items I needed to haul around for a getaway either daily or for a few weeks…I just put this very comfortable item on knowing that I can throw it away and forget it at the end of the day. I love the convenience. "
Nancy B.

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Straight Talk About Toxic Shock Syndrome
TSS is a rare bacteria caused illness occurring mostly in menstruating women who use high absorbency tampons.

Guide for Beginners
For most women, menstruation begins in their early teens and continues into their mid or late fifties.

Who Has Time to Pamper a Period
Today's woman knows a busy schedule won’t stop for her period. She needs PantiePads and the kind of protection that lets her stay active, productive and busy every day of the month.
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Living With Sensitive Bladder
Sensitive bladder, or bladder irritation, is quite common and affects most women at some time during their lives.

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