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Toxic Shock Syndrome - Tampon Connection
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Menstrual Pads — What Is New?
Bye Bye to Bloat
Straight Talk About TTS
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We've Come A Long Way
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Menstrual Pads and Tampons
Who Has Time to Pamper a Period
Vaginal Bleeding After Pregnancy
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PantiePads Replace Sanitary Pads, Napkins

Tired of worrying about unsightly stains on your clothing from leaky sanitary napkins or tampons? Tired of suffering from sanitary pads that bunch up or "wings" that don't stick to your underwear? Are you worried about feeling fresh and odor-free during your period? PantiePads, the new disposable panties with built-in menstrual pads, offer you the perfect alternative to traditional sanitary napkins like Always Mini and Maxi pads and tampons like Tampax and Playtex Gentle Glide. These stylish panties have been designed with a soft, breathable fiber that was especially created for you to wear during your menstrual cycle.

Protection you can count on

Each disposable panty comes with a built-in menstrual pad that is super-absorbent and extra-long to prevent leakage. No matter how you move during the day or night, the pad will not bunch, slip or slide, unlike traditional sanitary napkins and tampons. PantiPads are made from a high-tech fiber that retains fluids and keeps them away from your body. This advanced technology neutralizes odors and keeps you feeling fresh all day long.


A new concept in feminine hygiene

PantiePads unique patented pad has been designed for maximum absorption. Wear them on your heaviest days or if you're on the go and don't have time for frequent changes. UndiePads and PantiePads period underwears are ideal to use during your period, during pregnancy or postpartum, menopause, and even for mild incontinence.

PantiePads come with Toss n' Go Bags which make discrete disposal both easy and efficient. Both PantiePads and the Toss n' Go Bags are made from biodegradable materials which have no environmental impact.

Two styles to choose from

PantiePads are easy to wear and are made with a lightweight fabric that combines comfort with convenience. If you are looking for a more chic, sleek-fitting panty, try our UndiePads which are made using a special spandex thread for a curve-hugging, comfortable fit. UndiePads provide you with that extra control you need when you're wearing a fitted skirt or a pair of fitted trousers.

For protection you can count on, try PantiePads, the first convenient and worry-free alternative to sanitary pads and tampons.

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Important Information...Just for You!

Bye Bye to Menstrual Bloat
Menstrual bloat makes a face look too round and causes tummies to pouch...

Straight Talk About Toxic Shock Syndrome
TSS is a rare bacteria caused illness occurring mostly in menstruating women who use high absorbency tampons.

Guide for Beginners
For most women, menstruation begins in their early teens and continues into their mid or late fifties.

Who Has Time to Pamper a Period
Today's woman knows a busy schedule won’t stop for her period. She needs PantiePads and the kind of protection that lets her stay active, productive and busy every day of the month.
We've Come A Long Way
Menstrual pads of one kind or another have been since the 4th Century.

Feel Better, Naturally
Cramps, mood swing & bloating can be unpleasant, but the good news is, natural remedies can help you feel better fast...

Vaginal Bleeding After Pregnancy
This postpartum symptom is the heavy flow of blood and mucus, called lochia, that starts after delivery and continues for up to ten days.

Living With Sensitive Bladder
Sensitive bladder, or bladder irritation, is quite common and affects most women at some time during their lives.

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