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What is New in the World of Menstrual Pads?

Other than the invention of the tampon, which carries its share of risks and downsides (like Toxic Shock Syndrome), there have been few ground-breaking developments to menstrual pads in the past century. Improvements have been introduced; the size and shape have been altered in an attempt to provide better coverage, scented products are now available, and there is an array of products with different absorbencies on the market today. In terms of revolutionary new concepts, however, there has only been one.

PantiePads is an exciting new product, which offers a pleasing alternative to traditional sanitary napkins. Soft, super-absorbent, attractive and disposable, PantiePads and UndiePads are underwear with the pad sewn directly into them, and the advantages are substantial!

No More Worries About Leaks and Stains

No More Worries About Leaks and Stains

In general, most “accidents” happen in the first few days of a woman’s menstrual cycle because that is when her flow is the heaviest. If she uses tampons or traditional pads during this time, she’s forced to make inconvenient, frequent trips to the bathroom to replace her pad or tampon. However, even when a woman is vigilant, inevitably a few pairs of panties get damaged by leaks or the harsh adhesives which secure sanitary napkins to ladies underwear.

PantiePads and UndiePads are designed to include a super-absorbent, extra-long pad which is specifically shaped to prevent leaks from side-to-side and front-to-back. They do not bunch or get out of place when a woman moves around, meaning she can feel comfortable and secure for up to twelve hours. In addition, they’re disposable and made from biodegradable materials; aimed at causing no impact on the environment.

PantiePads not only protect a woman’s nice lingerie, but as an added bonus, they are eco-friendly.

Feeling Fresh All Month Long

One of the most common complaints among women is that they don’t feel “fresh” when they’re menstruating. Despite the availability of scented products, this can still be a problem when a sanitary pad becomes saturated.

PantiePads are made from a patented, high-tech fiber which is super-absorbent to hold in fluid and at the same time designed to keep it away from the body. The end result is a reliable Menstrual Pads product that lasts all day and still leaves the wearer feeling clean.

Order a box of Period Panties today and experience the refreshing ability to live a life of confidence every day of the month!

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Important Information...Just for You!

Bye Bye to Menstrual Bloat
Menstrual bloat makes a face look too round and causes tummies to pouch...

Straight Talk About Toxic Shock Syndrome
TSS is a rare bacteria caused illness occurring mostly in menstruating women who use high absorbency tampons.

Guide for Beginners
For most women, menstruation begins in their early teens and continues into their mid or late fifties.

Who Has Time to Pamper a Period
Today's woman knows a busy schedule won’t stop for her period. She needs PantiePads and the kind of protection that lets her stay active, productive and busy every day of the month.
We've Come A Long Way
Menstrual pads of one kind or another have been since the 4th Century.

Feel Better, Naturally
Cramps, mood swing & bloating can be unpleasant, but the good news is, natural remedies can help you feel better fast...

Vaginal Bleeding After Pregnancy
This postpartum symptom is the heavy flow of blood and mucus, called lochia, that starts after delivery and continues for up to ten days.

Living With Sensitive Bladder
Sensitive bladder, or bladder irritation, is quite common and affects most women at some time during their lives.

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